There are rules and guidelines that students must follow while training here. These rules are in place to protect you and to make sure everyone has a safe and pleasant experience while training.


1. Remove shoes upon entry of the dojo.
2. No eating is allowed in the dojo.
3. Personal cleanliness is essential; nails must be short, feet and hands must be spotless and hair must not interfere with your training.
4. No play fighting or physical contact with any other student will be tolerated.
5. For your safety, jewelry must not be worn while training. (stud earrings are okay)
6. No sparring without full equipment.
7. No sparring with other students without the permission of the instructors.
8. Under no circumstances will any member teach any form of Karate to any non-member. Also, no student should teach anything to another student, without the instructor's permission.
9. At the discretion of the instructors, any member of the school may be suspended from school either temporarily or permanently, for not complying with any of the above rules.

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