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Sensei Luca started his martial arts journey with Wellness Martial Arts in 2006 at the age of 8. Over the years Sensei Luca competed in several Open Tournaments and public performances as well as dedicating time to help develop the skills of new instructors. Sensei Luca has become a friendly and familiar face in the Wellness Community. Outside of the dojo, Sensei Luca works as a Coordinator for Scotiabank’s Community Investment team and his hobbies include playing recreational sports, spending time on the golf course, and playing video games.



Gajan Santhireswaran has been working with children, youth and adults for the majority of his life. Having worked with special needs students and now as an Ontario Certified Teacher working in high schools, he brings equitable, culturally-responsive teaching methods into our dojo, all while inspiring success, confidence and encouraging students to uphold our Black Belt Principles. Bridging the gap between mental and physical wellness, Gajan Santhireswaran works as a registered psychotherapist, working with various populations to promote positive mental well-being, genuineness and compassion with others.



Sensei Sharleen brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as a karate instructor. Holding an Honors Bachelor's degree from York University and a Master's in the Science of Education, she has honed her instructional skills through years as an Elementary Teacher with the Peel District School Board. Passionate about martial arts for 25 years, Sensei Sharleen embodies discipline and dedication, guiding students on their journey to mastery. Beyond the dojo, she finds joy in spending time with her two energetic boys, indulging in sports, and cherishing moments with family.



4th Dan

Over 30 years of experience in Martial Arts. Sensei Lennon has studied Karate, Taekwondo, JiuJitsu, Kick Boxing, Krav Maga & Capoeira. He has used his knowledge to help create the curriculum and system that we use today. He is a very experienced and detail oriented instructor.


3rd Dan

Over 20 years of experience in Martial Arts. Sensei Kris has mainly studied Karate and Muay Thai. He is dedicated to the success of his students and is excellent with both kids and adults.


2nd Dan

Over 7 years of experience here at Wellness Martial Arts. Sensei Nidhi has a passion for teaching. She leads by example with her work ethic and accountability. She is great with kids and feels a sense of pride with the success of her students.


2nd Dan

Over 8 years of experience at Wellness Martial Arts. Sensei Ryan is truly a student of the arts. He spends his free time studying Martial Arts techniques and concepts to expand his knowledge and ultimately have more to pass on to his students. He is very direct in his teaching which makes him effective at instilling discipline in our younger students.


1st Dan

Over 8 years of experience at Wellness Martial Arts. Sensei Alyyah is a very talented Martial Artist and instructor. She specializes in skills development with kicks, stances, blocks and strikes. She has a knack for breaking down techniques and finding ways to improve on weaknesses. She is a great instructor for both kids and adults.

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