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What is Attention? Focus and Concentration. 

What are the 3 laws of concentration? 
• Focus your eyes 
• Focus your mind 
• Good posture

What is the result of paying attention to details? SUCCESS 
Why do we bow? It is our greeting to show respect.

What is Ready Position? Your mind, body and sprit are ready to develop personal power.

What is Personal Power? Taking action NOW!

What is Indomitable Spirit? The courage to continue no matter what.

What is At Ease Position? Self Control - Controlling your mind and body.

What is a Kiai? A loud yell for concentrated energy and power. 
Why do we show energy? With energy you can take action. With action you can achieve goals.

How do we give energy? By clapping our hands with excitement.

What is Giving Value? Caring for others.

How do we give value? By clapping our hands and giving recognition.

Why do we hustle? To never be lazy. 
What is CANI? Commitment to Constant and Never Ending Improvement to Black Belt Excellence.

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