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Protocol in the dojo is a very important part of your martial arts training. Below is a list of protocols for all students to follow. Please read the list carefully and make sure you understand each one.


1. Students refer to the instructor as Sensei.

2. Students greet the instructors by bowing.

3. Each student should know the polite way of greeting someone with a handshake.

4. Each student will bow upon entering and leaving the dojo.

5. All students must have a clean and tidy uniform at all times. Our school crest must be sewn on the left lapel on the uniform.

6. Students should know how to properly tie their belts.

7. Respect must be shown to higher belts and one another at all times.

8. Students should arrive to class on time.

9. While waiting for class, students are to be stretching or warming up at the back of the dojo. No loud talking will be tolerated, as it will disrupt the class in progress.

10. If a student is late for class, please wait at the back of the dojo in a ready position until an instructor acknowledges your presence by bowing.

11. Students are not to criticize other martial arts or martial artists.

12. Students are not to run back and forth across the dojo while classes are in progress.

Wellness Martial Arts Shotokan Karate Brampton
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